Friday, April 4, 2008

Play of the Week: Waiting for Godot

It's a safe choise for my first "play of the week," but still important nevertheless. It's a play that has endured despite the playwrite's estate's efforts to limit its interpretation. Companies continue to stage this play even though there is no room to collaborate with the script - they have to tell the same story.

Yet it has survived.

This is a play that we, as theatre artists, should come back to. It is a joyful expression of the human condition. That no matter how low we feel, the human spirit perserviers. I know that is a little bit of a "puppy dog and rainbows" view on the text, but if you can't find the joy in it, why is this play worth doing?

Read it again and find the hope in the ending. Add a little bit of Vaudiville clowning and the play suddenly become all the more delightful.

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