Friday, July 4, 2008

Play of the Week: The American Plan

Happy Fourth of July! To celebrate we are taking a vacation to the Catskill Mountain's with our heroine Lily in Richard Greenberg's The American Plan.

The American dream is something many of us aspire to. But seldom is the achieving it as straight as a white picket fence. Lily finds this the hard way. She should have an easy road - her family is already well off. All she needs to do is find the right boy and everything will be right. Appears Nick or Nicky - handsome and the golden image of a man. Everything seems perfect.

But appearances are not always what they seem.

Set in the days before Prozac, women's lib, and gay rights, this is a play of deceptions. Deceptions that now are not covered up in the same way that they were. Deceptions that are not at root of the mistrust and resentment that plagues our culture. This play takes us back to when we wanted to believe in fairy tales and hope that things would turn out as they should. Happiness isn't for everyone and that is the lesson these characters learn.

Happy Birthday: Tracy Letts (b. 1965) & Neil Simon (b. 1927)
Happy Birthday: (July 6) Geoffrey Rush (b. 1951)

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