Monday, July 28, 2008

Preview: The Darling Children

Everyone thinks of Peter Pan as a wonderful children's story that idealized the idea of never growing old. There is, however, a darker side. Playwright Ivan Faute has chosen to explore this darker side through his new play The Darling Children.

Despite the name, this play deals with the family that Peter Pan left behind when he flew off to Neverland. They have fallen on harder times that has left Father under house arrest. The daughters all dream of a better life in a world that doesn't make sense; the calendar skips days randomly, the male dog is pregnant, and kindness is something that must be taught in school. Through all that, the hold out hope that Peter will return home and make everything better as he promises in his letters.

This surreal telling is in reaction to all of the violence that you wouldn't expect to find in a children's story. It previews in Chicago this weekend before making its world premier at the New York International Fringe Festival August 8-17.

The show will also be previewing in Chicago August 1 & 2. See the website for more info.

Happy Birthday: (July 26) George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

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