Friday, October 24, 2008

Play of the Week: Detective Story

We all love the cop dramas on television. Well we owe something to Detective Story - if it wasn't for this play, we wouldn't have any of them today. This is not the story of Private Eye and does not follow the cliches of Film Noir. This is a police drama - examining the day to day lives of New York policemen and the people that they try to protect.

In this story we see that the system is not perfect. Sometimes the very people that the police are supposed to protect are the most annoying or perhaps don't want protection. Detective Jim McLeod's morals are called into question when he finds that his wife was involved with the very abortionist (back then abortion was legal) that he has been trying to put away for years.

If you like cop dramas at all - take the time to read the play that started the genre.

Fun fact: The action is set in New York City's 21st precinct. At the time there were only 20 precincts in New York.

Happy Birthday: Moss Hart (1904-1961) & F. Murray Abraham (b. 1936)

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