Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Reflections from the Digital Age

We have had several discussions about how digital technology and media are affecting the arts and theatre scene. Most have been about the distancing effect that it has had both from live entertainment and personal interaction. But in what ways has it improved our ability to produce plays?

NPR did an article on a play that is attempting to discuss how technology has helped our ability to reach out to other while at the same time causing us to become more isolated. The play is called Continuous City and is currently touring the midwest.

Digital technology has been good to us. With cell phone we are able to better coordinate technical rehearsals from the theatre itself rather than having to run off and find a telephone in an office or somewhere off site. If an actor is running late, he or she can phone the stage manager from their car or from the bus keeping everyone informed.

The internet has made research for designers super easy and has expanded the amount of information they can access. Also they can share it with their fellow designers with just the click of a button. Call lists and rehearsal notes can be emailed to casts and crews allowing them to think about the process outside the walls of the theatre.

Happy Birthday: Ethan Hawke (b. 1970)

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