Friday, November 14, 2008

Play of the Week: Art

"What are they? What are they... apart from my faith in them."

Sure the basic scenario is funny. There is a white painting with white lines; characters debate whether or not this is real art and hilarity ensues. But when you get to the deeper meaning of the play, it is really quite tragic.

Their fight is not about art, but the changes in their relationships as friends. What drew them together is not what is now keeping them together. As they have grown older, the have new appreciation for art because of what they have been exposed to through each other. Their relationships to each other have changed because their marriages have changed through divorse and weddings.

In the end they find that they have to accept each other for who they really are and not for what they have meant to each other. This play is truly about the art of friendship.

Yasmina Reza has given us a gem with her play Art. It is both funny and poignant; hilarious and sad. She sets you up with a laugh and once you are open to what she has to say, she turns on a dime and really makes you think and feel for the characters. She accomplishes more in one hour than many plays do in two acts.

Happy Birthday: (November 16) George S. Caufman (1889-1961)

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