Thursday, December 4, 2008


Getting engaged is a very important step in a person's life. The need to be with someone and to not be alone drives much of what we do. How does theatre deal with this moment? Mostly we see plays about weddings or plays that end in a couple finally starting a relationship, but rarely do we see a couple getting engaged on the stage.

Here is a memorable engagement moment from Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice.

Eurydice: I love you too.
Orpheus: How will you remember?
Eurydice: That I love you?
Orpheus: Yes.
Eurydice: That’s easy. I can’t help it.
Orpheus: You never know. I’d better tie a string around your finger to remind you.
He takes out a string from his pocket.
He takes her left hand.

Orpheus: This hand.
He wraps string deliberately around her fourth finger.
Eurydice: That’s a very particular finger.
Orpheus: Yes.
Eurydice: You’re aware of that?
Orpheus: Yes.
Eurydice: How aware?
Orpheus: Very aware.
Eurydice: Orpheus—are we?
Orpheus: You tell me.
Eurydice: Yes. I think so.
Orpheus: You think so?
Eurydice: I wasn’t thinking. I mean—Yes. Just: Yes.
Orpheus: Yes?
Eurydice: Yes.
Orpheus: Yes!
Eurydice: Yes!
He picks her up and throws her into the sky.

Eurydice: Maybe you could also get me another ring—a gold one—to put over the string one. You know?
Orpheus: Whatever makes you happy.

What other ways does theatre portray engagements. Share some of your famous scenes with us in our comment section.

Happy Birthday: Gasparo Gozzi (1713-1786)

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