Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thoughts for the New Year

Whether you are in theatre or any other industry, the outlook for 2009 is not too bright. So in a world where jobs are disappearing and money is slipping away, how do we make a case for theatre? Add into the mix all the new digital entertainment equipment and toys, theatre is in a rough spot.

Theatre is dependant on live performance. Unlike most other artistic mediums, this fact cannot be skirted. And unlike other forms of popular entertainment, theatre cannot be controlled by the consumer. You cannot dictate when the show will start. You cannot pause the action to run to the refrigerator. You don't even have control over the volume. All you are allowed is the choice of how deeply you will participate in the experience.

It is essential to be able to give yourself completely to an experience. Giving up control and trusting that everything will turn out ok seems to be a common theme these days. But theatre is not asking you to give up control. Sure you don't get to decide on every little detail, but you do get to decide how the piece will affect you. And by participating in the even rather than controlling it - you will walk away with a new experience and perhaps take something from it too.

Theatre is very powerful if you allow it to be. And that's ok.

Happy Birthday: Ludovic Halevy (1834-1908) and Joe Orton (1933-1967)

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