Monday, April 20, 2009

Review: Tommy Gun's Garage

If you are looking for an entertaining evening that is uniquely Chicago, then point your car to the south-side and head to Tommy Gun's Garage. Playing in a ware-house looking building in the South Loop, this dinner entertainment portrays a little of Chicago in the Prohibition of the 1920's. From the moment you park your car in the lot, you are met by actors portraying gangsters and are immediately caught up in the atmosphere.

The whole idea is to make it seem like you are in a speak-easy so the cast also serves are your wait staff and bar tenders. When the "owner" asks guests how their meal is and someone asks for another drink he will respond with "whadd'ya think I am, a waiter?" and get one of his "people" to come over and help you out instead.

The show itself is well done. There really isn't a "plot" as it is more of a review, but the performances are good and the whole evening is light and a good time. While there isn't a 100% strict attention to detail, the show is self-aware enough to not takes itself too seriously and gets laughs for any anachronisms that are out of place. The cast is very talented and gives very energetic performances. They work hard for their tips both on-stage and off.

I would highly recommend this production for its experience and especially to anyone visiting Chicago. Do be warned, however, that there is some audience interaction so one or two of you might be called upon to take part in the show. But it's worth it and really a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday: George Takei (b. 1937) & Jessica Lange (b. 1949)

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