Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Old Times

Old Times
City Lit Theatre

City Lit closed a successful production of Old Times this weekend. Leading man Don Bender received a Jeff Citation Nomination for his work in the show. The production expertly portrayed the strange and subdued world world of Harold Pinter in a very nice contrast to Noel Coward's Private Lives which was running in rep. The production embodied the mystery and uncertainty in our lives that Pinter is so happy to explore and is a good production to have seen to be introduced to Pinter's enigmatic style.

Chicago Tribune (Chris Jones)
In director Terry McCabe's production, the revelations (and the red herrings) seem to zing out from unexpected corners... But Don Bender's Deeley and Cameron Feagin's Anna are like a pair of boxers sparring. Bender has the look of a man desperate to shake that ringing sound from inside his head as Feagin stares him down, ready to pounce.

TimeOut Chicago (Zac Thompson)
When Bender and Feagin get cracking as Deeley and Anna, the production manages to capture a crucial aspect of Pinter’s pull: the feeling that something mysterious and probably malevolent is taking its course, just under the surface.

Happy Birthday: Kerry Ellis (b. 1979)

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