Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Artists and Families

The life of a starving artist is not something I would wish upon anyone. Not only are there financial difficulities involved in being in theatre but there are plenty of time constraints that go along with the life as well. It is hard to imagine anyone wanting to marry into that life let alone choosing to raise children under those circumstances.

Add to that the old idea that creation and procreation are mutually exclusive; you must pick one.

But I find that this is simply not true. Sure those of use in the theatre community have very different goals in life. Money is generally not the overall goal and success and happiness are defined in many different ways. But those who really take the time to balance what they want end up very happy and able to support all of their desires. In the end it comes down to finding someone who can really support you. If your significant other doesn't understand the demands of the theatre and all the crazy hours and other insanities.

Sometimes it takes compromise. An actor friend of mine decided to start teaching at a university level to support his two children. Luckily for him this fit his disposition very well. His wife too is in theatre so she understands the need - she recently began a teaching position now that the children are old enough to be on their own. I have several friends who's significant others have had nothing to do with theatre but are still very involved; they will come to all of the events and even help out running box office

In the end it all comes down to balance, understanding and communication.

Happy Birthday: Colleen Dewhurst (1924-1991)

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