Monday, June 15, 2009

Reflection: Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure
Promethean Theatre Ensemble

CenterStage: by Laura Kolb
...the irrepressibly humorous ensemble highlights the absurdities of the mismatch between impersonal institutions – crucially, law and marriage – and messy, unpredictable human nature.
Promethean's entire cast does a stellar job, and it is hard to single out individual performances... With a colorful minimalist set (Nick Rastenis) and inventive costumes (Jessica Salinas), this raffish, warm-hearted "Measure for Measure" is a delight for the eye and mind.

New City Stage: by Monica Weston
A standout production of a play for which ambition in the theater company that would put it on is absolutely prerequisite... Promethean Theatre Ensemble nails this ambivalence magnificently without for a moment regressing into farce... The abundant and elaborate set changes, performed by various masked characters who cavort seductively around the stage, are mostly needless, and the costumes and set are all over the place, with little stylistic or thematic cohesion. However, these elements, which usually primarily characterize a Shakespeare production, feel beside the point when accessorizing such a controlled, effective production.

Chicago Critic: by Tom Williams
Measure for Measure is a tough Shakespeare piece to get right and this hard working cast delivers a fine evening of theatre. Promethean Theatre Ensemble continues to grow as artists. This production is another move upward for them. It is nice to witness an ensemble taking their craft seriously.

Happy Birthday: Simon Callow (b. 1949)

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