Thursday, July 16, 2009

Review: Million Dollar Quartet

Million Dollar Quartet
Apollo Theatre

On December 4, 1956, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley played together for the first and only time. Experience the night rock ‘n’ roll came alive in the hit rock ‘n’ roll musical Million Dollar Quartet.

The show's description really says it all. This show is a loosely constructed fantasy of what happened that evening in 1956. There is no real plot, per se, other the anticipation over whether or not Johnny Cash will renew his contract with Sun Records. Sadly, Cash tips his hand about half way through the show and everything unravels from there.

But the plot isn't the focus. The show is built around the music created by the four legends and performed by a talented cast and super talented rhythm section. The experience of the evening is nothing but feel good music that anyone can enjoy. It carries a special nostalgic punch for anyone who grew up during that era and receives the expected response.

The intimate Apollo Theatre makes you feel as though you are right there in the studio with the stars of early rock and roll. And the show is masterfully designed with old-time microphones and a live sound mix that expertly echos the iconic voices and recording styles. If you are looking for a diversion during these upbeat summer months, definitely check out this performance.

Happy Birthday: Tony Kushner (b. 1956) & Corin Redgrave (1939-2010)

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