Monday, August 24, 2009


Think of the movie Moulin Rouge. This story is all about Bohemian artists at the beginning of the 20th Century celebrating the excesses of life. But where was this spirit during the Great Depression or the two World Wars. Look at another end of the century story: Rent. More Bohemians, this time in New York City. But where are they now? Eight years of Bush, war, and the economic depression have washed away those sentiments.

Granted, the free spirited artist and activists will always exist, but the movements are embraced in different ways. For the Bohemian spirit to exist, there has to be both an idealistic feeling and a sense of entitlement that is only supported by money.

So how do we as artists continue to commit to this spirit of freedom and creation when times are tough. These are the times that need the idealism and spirit of hope the most. These are the times when the status quo needs to be challenged and criticized. How do we fight against the gloomy outlook and create our art? How do we make our stories heard?

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