Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dramatic Twerp is back

Sean Ewert's one man show Dramatic Twerp is playing this weekend in a limited engagement at Oracle. Ewert's initial performances at Links Hall in the beginning of October left his audiences wanting more. Ewert has fine tuned the script and added some new stories to his tale of becoming comfortable in one's own skin and the security and power to which that leads.

While it may not be your traditional holiday fare, this show will warm your heart. Don't miss you opportunity to see this truly talented writer and performance artist. December 4-6 at Oracle Theatre.

In Dramatic Twerp, Sean Ewert's exploration into high school in the 1980s without the internet, cell phones or a gay social club on campus, he borrows from the forensic dramatic interpretation model to create a queer memory journey. It is indeed easier and safer to perform in someone else's story or text - at some point you must stop editing your life, blow open your closet and speak your own words.

Happy Birthday: Mary Martin (1913-1990)

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