Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun Casting

One of the fun games my friends and I like to play is taking the cast of TV sitcoms and finding appropriate plays to insert them into. The casting has to take into account both the actor and the character as one as we insert them into the other venue. One of our favorites has been the cast of Frasier. Here are some of the ideas we have come up with.

Twelfth Night
Sir Toby Belch: John Mahoney/Martin Crane
Sir Andrew Aguecheek: David Hyde Pierce/Niles Crane
Malvolio: Kelsey Grammer/Frasier Crane
Maria: Jane Leeves/Daphney Moon

My Fair Lady:
Henry Higgins: Kelsey Grammer/Frasier Crane
Eliza Doolittle: Jane Leeves/Daphney Moon
Alfred P. Doolittle: John Mahoney/Martin Crane
Freddy Eynsford-Hill: David Hyde Pierce/Niles Crane

Play the game yourself. Share any fun result that you might have with us here.

Happy Birthday: Julie Taymor (b. 1952)

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