Friday, April 16, 2010

Director's Note

Here is a preview of the director's note for Spring Awakening:

Let your mind and emotions take you back to a time when you were young; when anything seemed possible. Every moment was crucial and if you didn’t get the one thing you needed, you felt like you would die. A time before experience taught you to protect yourself from vulnerability. How can we grow from adolescence to adults if our parents have not prepared us for the change? Adults look and sound different to children. And while we think our experiences gives us perspective, teens live in an immediacy many of us have forgotten and patience does not apply.

Spring Awakening is one of the first plays to look at children as people and explore the challenge of growing up. Written in 1891, many of the volatile issues explored in the play are issues we still struggle with today. As our story unfolds tonight, remember the times when you needed a guiding hand or how a guiding hand helped shape your life.

It was on this day that the first American play opened.

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