Monday, April 5, 2010


Reflections from rehearsals once again. This time concerning masks.

We are doing some mask work for our current productions. Not all characters are wearing masks - in fact only the adults. It's a way to set them apart from the youths of this production in a way that highlights the baggage we accumulate as our journey through life progresses. Some of it is experience. Some of it is prejudice. Some of it is fear, insecurities, and many other things.

We've found, however, that while these characters are hiding behind their masks, the masks themselves don't conceal anything. Even though all of these mothers and fathers would like to not show their vulnerabilities and think that they are excellent at concealing their weaknesses, the masks actually find a way to heighten their weaknesses and bring them to the forefront. It is a distilling device that makes the choices very simple and also show the lack of complexities.

In effect, it is a mirror of clowning technique. After all, the red nose it the world's smallest mask.

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