Monday, April 12, 2010

Preview: Spring Awakening

Promethean Theatre Ensemble's Spring Awakening is opening this week at the Artistic Home here in Chicago. All this week, Ghostlight is going to preview this production as we do have a special interest in this production. Each day we will take the time to spotlight a different aspect of this particular production.

This is a new adaptation, cut down to eliminate some of the dense German dialog and streamlined to be more suited to a modern audience. And different from the musical, this production retains the teeth of the debate and themes of the original.

Nine actors play all 32 characters splitting their time between the adult and adolescent roles. The ensemble vibe forces us to follow the whole play instead of one actor's arc as one character. The alienating effect helps add to the investment in both the story and the emotion of the performance. This is aided by the addition of masks, but that element is going to be discussed further in the week.

Check back for more information and more of the inside scoop.

*Special thanks to Trent J. Koland for the brilliant postcard/poster design.
*Special thanks to Cole Simon and John Klein for the trailer.

Happy Birthday: Alan Ayckbourn (b. 1939)

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