Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outsourcing just like everyone else

NPR ran an article about how several Columbus arts organization have started outsourcing their administrative offices to save money; one organization as much as $750,000 per year.

This gives us in the arts lots to think about. I wish I the research to back it up, but an earlier NPR article (airing in April or so - it would be great if someone could put us on to this article as well) on how so many people are opting for the private sector rather than going into not-for-profit management; they just don't pay. So now, not only are we being ungrateful to the wonderful people who put their pocketbooks ahead of a greater good that are being outsourced.

But in a larger sense, why not? Everyone in every walk of life is trying to save money. Why not the arts? With all sorts of funding sources drying up, why not find a few ways to save some money. Get more ads for cheaper - more companies buying ad space in bulk is more ad space being sold in newspapers - helps them too. It's a hard know which way to go on this issue, but one thing is certain - there is going to be a lot more outsourcing firms catering to the arts popping up around the country pretty darn soon.

Happy Birthday: Sir Ian McKellen (b. 1939), Greg Vinkler (b. 1951) & Eve Ensler (b. 1953)

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