Monday, August 2, 2010

National Search

With Chicago theater's last two national Artistic Director searches proving volatile (American Theatre Company and Next Theatre) and with the potential of two more on the way (Next Theatre and Victory Gardens), Chicago theater leaders have to have some frank discussions about who should be looked to to lead their theaters and where they should come from. These three theaters won't be the only companies dealing with this decision over the next five year so this is starting to become a constant question around town.

There are two sides to the argument:
1. The Chicago theater scene and community is unique and needs an insider who has preexisting relationships to navigate the landscape.
2. The absolute best candidate should be found. Someone who will push the theater to new achievements and bring them to the next level. A person's address should not be a determining factor.

Chris Jones has a very nice and thoughtful discussion of the inherrant benefits and traps in both solutions.

Happy Birthday:
John C. McGinley (b. 1959)

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