Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Personal Interaction

While so much of our technology is allowing us to interact with our world and our arts in innovative way, the real arts are struggling to catch up. With a few affordable gadgets, anyone can be a blogger, video artist, recording artist, and many other mediums, the question begs asking why we should invest in the formalized arts when anyone can get to the personal arts for virtually no cost to the viewer.

No answers have been created and I don't think they ever will. It will be an ongoing debate that will force the arts into some healthy self-examination. Here is an interesting discussion that doesn't provide any answers to theater's problems, but does have some other personal interaction that are really cool.

Happy Birthday:
Eric Bentley (1916-2006)

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  1. Thanks for sending folks my way -- I really enjoyed the discussion! Personalization continues to be an important topic of conversation, I believe. We must adapt, as artists, or begin to die.