Friday, October 1, 2010

Only Two Weeks Away

Rehearsals continue for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow at City Lit Theatre. One of the unique aspects of this production will be the original music of Matthew Bivins. He has worked with the co-adapters to set a series of quotations - mostly from old poems and ghost stores - to music to help underscore the action and really set the mood of the piece.

Bivins will show off his musical skills as he performs his tunes on stage. He plays tin whistle, accordion, keyboards, and mandolin. His musical diversity will be complimented by the violin of Bethany Schader and the drumming of Shawn Goudie - also serving as the stage manager and foley artists respectively.

This won't, however, be your usual music accompaning theater. The three pop in and out of the action really supporting and integrating into the story rather than just underscoring it - which they do as well. Bivin's Irish-Tom Waits-like score is perfectly suited to create a spooky environment and the sense that all is not as it seems in the small town of Sleepy Hollow.

Happy Birthday:
Julie Andrews (b. 1935)

October 2:
Avery Brooks (b. 1948)

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