Friday, November 12, 2010

Play of the Week: John Gabriel Borkman @ The Abbey Theatre

Ghostlight has just returned from a trip to Dublin Ireland where we took in a production of a little known Ibsen play at the Abbey Theatre. John Gabriel Borkman is a play about a man who after having his life destroyed by greed and ambition is given a second chance, but still consumed by his ruling passions and is unable to make the changes to save himself.

The Abbey Theatre's production featured the outstanding performances of Alan Rickman as Borkman and Fiona Shaw as his wife. But the show was dominated by Lindsay Duncan as Ella Rentheim; her performance was the emotional center of the play.

Also worth mentioning was the stunning scenic design. Both epic and modern at the same time the scene shifted from vast interiors to the wind-swept plains of Norway.

Thank you to the Abbey Theatre for breathing life into a play that is still relevant today and for taking a fresh new approach to an author whose work is usually middled in translation.

Happy Birthday:
November 12: Wallace Shawn (b. 1943), Anne Hathaway (b. 1982), Megan Mullaly (b. 1958)
November 13: Edwin Booth (1833-1893), Neil Flynn (b. 1960)

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