Thursday, November 18, 2010

TCG's Stage Matters Video

Stage Matters from Theatre Communications Group on Vimeo.

In need of an advocacy tool to promote theatre?

Want to spark discussion about the challenges and opportunities ahead?

Theatre Communication Guild is pleased to announce the release of STAGE MATTERS, a short video on why / how / if theatre matters in America. The STAGE MATTERS video captures artists, theatre leaders, patrons, educators, corporate executives and politicians around the country as they emphatically speak about the value of theatre and challenges we face in an ever-changing environment.

TCG invite you to watch and share STAGE MATTERS with your colleagues, funders, city officials, and members in your community. The video is made up of two sections; Part 1:Impact and Part 2: Challenges. To watch the entire video or these sections independently, click here.

Happy Birthday:
W.S. Gilbert (1836-1911)

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