Monday, November 22, 2010

Theater City Rankings

Travel and Leisure magazine has ranked America's favorite theater cities. While they have separate lists for Visitor and Resident, there are no parameters set forth for how the list is created. No surprises, but New York is tops on both lists. Somewhat surprising is Chicago's rankings (#3 in visitor and #4 in resident). And most surprising is Providence, Rhode Island rankings of #2 in visitor and #3 in resident.

With the lack of information as to how the rankings are created it's hard to sit down and sort out what they mean. But Chicago's not being the "second city" is a good dose of reality to all those people who may have allowed their heads to get a little too big with all the talk of Chicago being the nation's theater capital this summer.

So rather than railing about how we've never heard of Providence Theatre and don't know anyone who works there like the blogger for the League did, it might be a good idea to reach out and get to know some people there and see what's going on there. They're obviously doing something right.

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