Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ghostlight Moves Offline and into the Theater

Ghostlight Productions creates theater out of symbolism and illusion to transcend the noise of our modern, literal world.

As announced on Facebook on Tuesday, Ghostlight has signed a partnership that will allow us to produce original theater content. For the past six years, Ghostlight has existed in various forms online. First as a daily blog, then as a conduit for other articles through Facebook, and then a hybrid of the two. Ghostlight Productions combines themes from well-known myths and stories with clowning, masks, music, and other theatrical devices creating new plays. After a new narrative is staged in a minimalist world, the audience participates in the performance by knitting the different elements and themes together in their imagination.

The same day, Ghostlight held an informal reading of the new project Geppetto. The script combines The Adventures of Pinocchio, The Odyssey, and the Bible in the story of a lonely beggar. The man creates a puppet for amusement and ends up with the gift of a son. When the boy runs away, Geppetto has to choose between continued loneliness and a quest to retrieve the puppet. He chooses the quest. Geppetto will be workshopped as part of the In the Works program at the Chicago Cultural Center at a yet to be announced date.

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