Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Life in the Theatre

I met a man on Sunday with an inspiring story. He attended university on a football scholarship. However, he gave up the scholarship his freshman year to pursue a degree in theatre. Upon graduation, he again made a life choice by choosing to raise a family rather than pursue a career in theatre.

Fast forward twenty years to the economic slow-down after September 11th. He lost his business and was faced with a tough question: do I rebuild my old life or do I rebuild the life I want to live.

Our hero is now in the not-for-profit sector, still doing very well, but is taking the time to pursue theatre as well. There is always room for a life/work balance. Whether it is theatre, family, or whatever is important to you. If a passion runs deep enough - there is always room. He has such a great need to be doing this - I feel that he is truly admirable.

Happy Birthday: Edmond Rostand

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