Thursday, July 2, 2009

3 Play Challenge

How often do you go out and see theatre?

Attending the theatre is the most important thing you can do as a theatre artist for two reasons. (1) It gives you a chance to grow as an artist by seeing other's work and learning from it. It lets you know what's out there and what you need to be doing to improve yourself. (2) You cannot be an advocate for others to attend the theatre unless you go yourself.

Of course there are many things that interfere with regular trips to see performances. Ticket prices... Having spent all week in rehearsal and just wanting some time at home to relax... Being in performance yourself... All of these are understandable reasons not to go, but it is so important that you do.

Here's the challenge.

Make it a commitment to see three shows a month for a whole year and bring a friend. That's not too hard. With industry nights and friends performing in shows, it's not hard to obtain cheap tickets. (Don't forget Hottix, Goldstar, and rush tickets too). And three shows a month isn't hard to do - there are plenty of people who can knock this out in a single weekend. And go easy on yourself - sure you can see two shows in one month and four shows in the next and have everything still count. But get out there and go see shows!!!

We're going to check back in a year and see how you did. You can track how Ghoslight does too - so far this calendar year we haven't been too consistent. (January-1, February-3, March-0, April-4, May-4, June-5). We'll compare notes in a year. Good luck.

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