Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Proof Read Everything

It was my first big directing gig in college. I was very excited. I had just sat through three days of auditions for Romeo and Juliet and I was getting ready to post my call-back list. The unseasoned director in me wanted to make sure that I didn't hurt anyone's feelings by not calling them back so I wrote what I felt was a very nice note. I handed what I wrote to my Artistic Director. He read it and literally fell over laughing.

Apparent in my excitement, I didn't fully convey what I had intended:
Thank you to all who auditioned. As director say, t was a difficult decicion, espcically since I had to select four women's roles from forty people give you some idea. Thank you for coming out.

This proves two things. 1) Proof read everything before you make it public. 2) And never apologize for your casting "decicions."

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