Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Broadway Show

Seeing your first Broadway show is something very special. It happened to me the very first day I stayed in New York. We checked into the hotel and after deciding that seeing the Empire State Building from the outside was enough we wandered around until we eventually found ourselves in Time Square. Not having very much money we tried to score rush tickets. Being in our mid-twenties, we weren't having very much luck. Every ticket window we went to was the same routine:

"Do you have any rush tickets?"
"We have student rush tickets. Do you have a student ID?"

Unfortunately for us we didn't.

We thought we would try one last time before we gave up and decided to find other plans for the evening. We went to the box office of the show my date really wanted to see. After standing in line, I approached the agent.

"Do you have any rush tickets?"
"I have student rush tickets."

Not wanting to waste his time, I said "oh well, I don't have a student ID."

But he wasn't done.

"I can put you in row four. Two tickets for $120 together."

He must not have been listening to me. He'd quoted me the student price. So I was about to repeat what I just said when I got it.

"We'll take those. And thank you so very much!"
"Everyone gets a break,"
he said. "Everyone gets one."

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