Thursday, October 8, 2009

There's an App for that!

It is common to see the words "The Musical" added to a famous movie or book title. But this time theres a new twist. We Will Rock You: the musical, has added the words "the game" and become an App on your iPhone. And rather than following the seemingly obvious and glamourous path of making it from auditions to opening night, the show highlighs the producer's role. It's more like a spinoff of Lemonade Tycoon where you have to take your show from a small to large to smash hit.

What a great way to increase a show's profile, reach a new audience, and educate people about how the theatre works.

We Will Rock You – The Game puts you to the test as the show’s producer. By making the right decisions your goal is to take your production of the smash hit music We Will Rock You from a small school hall right up the the real venue at London’s Dominion Theatre. But can you sell out the show?

As producer, it’s your call to make production and creative decisions within the show’s budget. It’s down to you to set ticket prices, sell merchandise and co-ordinate your marketing.

The Show Must Go On!

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