Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This isn't the theater...

I head this story from a patron who was seated next to me at a show last weekend. I didn't catch the young man's name; I hope he doesn't mind that I'm sharing.

So he was there that evening to see a work friend of his performing in the show. He told the story how he had gone to see another show put on by this same friend back in February. The patron had, as many patrons do, gone out to dinner before the show and had a few drinks before making his way to the theater. This theater was located inside of a church - as so many theaters in Chicago are. Once inside the building, the patron wasn't quite sure where to go. He eventually found a large room where a group of people were congregating among folding chairs.

He found it a little strange, but his friend had warned him that the theater was a little smaller and a little rag-tag. So he sat down. After a few moments he noticed that there was punch and cookies available and as nice as that seemed, something didn't seem right...

He looked around and really paid attention to the other people waiting for the performance. And once he put two and two together he realized that he wasn't attending a theatrical performance but was instead sitting in on an AA meeting. He quickly stood up and excused himself from the room. The theater was on the second floor of the church - luckily the show was really good.

Just a little cautionary tale for all of us attending shows in Off-Loop performance spaces.

Happy Birthday: Lorraine Hansberry (1930-1965)

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