Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How can theatre be postdramatic?

A couple weeks ago I was sitting in a cafe having my lunch and reading Hans-Thies Lehmann's Postdramatic Theatre. I won't even spoil the thesis for you - you must read this yourself (and I highly recommend it).

The point of this story is that my waiter approached me an asked "how can theater be post-dramatic?"

A very good question whether you are a theater insider or not. I explained to him that theater has moved beyond the need for linear or "fabel" stories within the frame of realism. That characters are not so much people as they are symbols or signifiers. That the text may or may not be liner dialogue. Not saying there is no such thing as plot anymore - but it's not necessarily the focus.

At this point my waiter simply rolled his eyes and asked: "Are you a grad-student?"

Happy Birthday:
Ned Allyen (1566-1626)

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