Monday, February 3, 2014

Artist Profile: Jessie Mutz (Pinocchio)

What are you excited about for "Geppetto"?
The story, Stephen's take on the story, the delightful character of Pinocchio, the challenge of the project, the opportunity to PLAY, working with these talented artists, sharing an experience with an audience, getting physical, clown, mask, puppets . . .

What's the craziest thing you've ever done on stage?
I've tried naturalistic acting more than once.  That's pretty nuts.  Honorable mention: painting my body black and white and running around in my underwear, portraying the throat chakra.

What is your definition of clown?
Unfiltered impulse and vulnerability; seeing with the eyes of a child.  The clown has the potential for anything -- the highs and lows of what humans are capable of.  She is a survivor.

What's in your blue trunk?
Sunshine and cranberry juice!

What are you hiding behind your Mask?
That's for you to wonder and me to find out.

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