Friday, April 18, 2014

Always be Networking

Here is a story of why you should always be networking. I was eating lunch in a downtown restaurant a couple weeks ago and reading a Shakespeare play preparing myself for a directing interview. Halfway through my meal my waitress asked my why I was reading Shakespeare - whether I was taking a class or something. 

I asked her if she was an actress. She said she was so I told her about my up upcoming interview. She wished me luck and moved on to her other tables.

When she brought the check I left a bigger tip to support a fellow struggling artist - but I also left her my business card and a note to feel free to email me her headshot and resume. I debated in my head for a while whether or not I should do this, but I figured, what could it hurt.

A couple weeks later I did get an email from her and it turns out that she has training in Red Nose Clowning and is currently rehearsing a clown show. Now clowning is a hot commodity that I hope for in any actor who comes through my audition room so this was a very fortuitous connection to have made.

Now this may never work out for any work relationship or anything like that. But the networking worked. I found a new actress that will definitely call in should the right opportunity arise. 

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