Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Artist Profile: Loryn Jonelis

Next is Pinocchio, Loryn Jonelis.
    What is your favorite past role? Gentleman Johnny Johnson in Sweet William. It was such a challenging role in many ways. We didn't have a lot of time to put it together, I had to memorize how to spell things with the NATO alphabet. I was working nights at the time. I had auditioned on a whim. A lot of things worked right. They fell into place in the most beautiful way. I felt it then and I still feel it now, there was magic in that show.
      Why do you do theater? To tell stories in a more visual way. I enjoy learning about the characters I play and becoming them a little bit. Sometimes that allows me to learn about myself too. Theatre also builds bonds. There are some people I may never have met were it not for theatre and my life would be a little less colorful without them. 

      What’s your favorite thing about working with Broom Street? 
      It's hard to pin down my favorite thing about working with Broom. It's a place that isn't afraid to take risks whether it's in the story, staging, or casting of a show. It's a place to learn and grow. I started acting at Broom and have now done choreography, props, and stage managing. Oh, and I guess running crew-ish. I'm also a board member. I know that my story isn't unique in how I've come to be where I am. Broom Street likes to encourage growth which is nice to see in a traditionally quite competitive environment.

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