Monday, May 19, 2008

Arts Philanthropy

Here are the preliminary totals from U.S. Giving's annual philanthropy report for 2006.

Total given in US dollars: $295.02 billion

Individuals: $222.89 billion
Bequests: $ 22.91 billion
Foundations: $36.50 billion
Corporations: $ 12.72 billion

Uses of Contributions:
Religion: $96.82 billion
Education: $40.98 billion
Human Services: $29.56 billion
Foundations: $29.50 billion
Public-Society Benefit: $21.41 billion
Health: $20.22 billion
Arts, Culture, & Humanities: $12.51 billion
International Affairs: $11.34 billion
Environmental & Animals: $6.60 billion
Unallocated Giving (includes Government giving): $26.08 billion

Arts & Culture Giving by year: (notice the decline)
2006: $12.51 billion
2005: $13.51 billion
2004: $ 13.99 billion
2001: $11.41 billion
1996: $6.38 billion
1986: $3 billion
1976: $1.54 billion
1966: $540 million

As we are headed towards (or more likely already in) a recession, here are some other things to be aware of:

-Minimal impact and small change campaigns will be hit hardest (i.e. drives that are to mass targets will fewer ties to the institution. Example: mass mailing)
-Small organizations with less history and mass appeal will be harder hit.
-Corporate giving will not fall off immediately. The budgets for the year are already in place, but you can predict that the philanthropic budgets will not be as generous next year.

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