Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Giving Flowers

Mary Zimmerman once explained why flowers are the perfect and most appropriate gift to give in the theatre.

"Flowers, like a good performance, bloom brilliantly but fade by the next morning."

It is a reminder that what we do is immediate. It is something that cannot be bottled or recreated. It is something that we share, in the moment and must be lived to its fullest because if you (as both artist and audience participant) let it pass you by, it is lost forever.

Theatre is truly maddening because it is a one shot deal. Fortunate for us, there is usually more than one opportunity to create your art through the run of a show. You get the chance to grow with it. In film, once the shot is captured, you are done. In theatre, you are given the chance to live wonderful roles every night for what hopefully amounts to a long run.

Our art is truly a special thing.

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