Friday, May 16, 2008

Play of the Week: On the Verge

Sadly Eric Overmeyer's play will be the first play-of-the-week post that I will not be able to supply a link to the script. However, this play is currently in production by Remy Bumppo. On the Verge (on On the Geography of Yearning) is a beautiful, abstract and thoughtful play that I feel is very much worth attending. (Also currently on stage at Northwestern University's Theatre and Interpretation Center)

Woven through the fabric of world exploration, three women set out to explore Terra Incognita. Through their journeys, they travel through time from the Victorian to the modern era encounter advances in both technology and women's roles along the way.

Lyrical and dreamlike, the story moves in and our of awareness as the heroines encounter everyone from a Yeti to Mr. Coffee. The play ties together a hundred different references to both history and pop-culture like a patch-work quilt or a detective story. Part of the delight is piecing together all the clues and recognizing where and when you are at any point along the way.

Through it all, the clues that the three women are finding eventually add up to self discovers. While each one is left with the choice, it is not as daunting as the realization of the vastness in both yourself and the universe. The hopeful ending looks back on the road we have traveled through time that evening and potential places to go once the curtain closes on the performance.

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