Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Knit Happens

One of Chicago's beloved productions opens this week for yet another run. Lookingglass Alice, Lookingglass Theatre's original and signature piece, returns from tours to play the performance space at the Water Tower. Make it's third appearance in this show is a 30 foot long white scarf knitted especially for the production.

Alice when first arriving in Wonderland is greeted by a immensely sized White Queen knitting a very long garment which will appear later as a baby blanket for the character grows younger, not older. The piece was commissioned for the production by Props Designer Joe Schneider and created by Mary Cotter in 2007. The craftsmanship was so good that the prop continues to be used in the production. The piece employs over $80 worth of yarn and took nearly a month to construct.

(The character pictured here is the Red Queen - though not knitting, she is similarly sized to the Red Queen)

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